Dissent is the highest form of patriotism. I believe in this whole-heartedly

That said… I also believe that most Americans are not well educated, misinformed and mislead by cable news pundits, lacking critical thinking skills, and incapable of higher level problem solving. American ignorance about current events, their own history and government is, well, staggering and frightening.

So, being reasonably educated, reasonably informed and generally reasonable, this site will likely get me branded an elitist.

But ultimately I appreciate anyone who has the gumption to protest despite their handicapped abilities to articulate what it is they think they oppose. Their right to a freedom of speech is something few in this world can savor and I will defend that right, and my right to mercilessly mock them, with everything I have.

This site is promotes equal opportunity ridicule, so whether those in the photo are on the right or the left of any issue, or totally off the map, I will point and laugh. They love America and I love their dumb signs. Some of these signs have been floating around the internet for a while and could be called classics, others are new. Please submit any pictures you have taken or come across to moranswithsigns@gmail.com.


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